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Privacy Statement

Shawnee TVA Employees Federal Credit Union recognizes the importance of our responsibility in protecting our members’ private information. We want to protect the personal and financial information that you have entrusted to us. Therefore, we have developed the following privacy policy and approach that respects and addresses your needs. We believe that all personal and financial information specific to you that you provide to the Credit Union through any channel constitutes personal information. The following privacy principles were established to maintain the security, integrity and confidentiality of your personal financial information.


Collection of Personal Information

1.      When you apply for a Credit Union account or service, we collect personal information in order to process your application. This information may be retained by us so that we can provide the products and services you request.

2.      When you open or use an account or service from the Credit Union, we retain personal information you provide in the context of using that product or service, including transaction information.

3.      When you send us an e-mail, we will retain the content of the e-mail, your e-mail address, and our response in order to assure that we have adequately addressed your inquiry and to handle any follow up questions you may have. We may also use it to measure how effectively we address your concerns.


The Type of Personal Information We Collect –

We routinely collect and retain the information we obtain for your account applications, transaction history (for deposits, loans, etc.) and from consumer reports. This information helps us:

1.      To establish and administer your accounts. (Example: We ask for personally identifying information to protect your accounts from fraud.)

2.      To satisfy certain regulatory requirements. (Example: When you open an account that pays interest, we are required by the Internal Revenue Service to obtain your social security number.)

3.      Better understand you so that we may provide you with additional or improved products and services. (Example: We require information concerning your credit history and your assets to determine if you qualify for loan approval.)


Use and Sharing of Personal Information

1.      The Credit Union will use personal information as appropriate in the normal course of our business to provide the products and services you requested. We will also use this information to provide positive identification of you when you contact us.

2.      We will not disclose information to third parties (excluding Credit Union affiliates) concerning your account with us, except: (a) when such disclosure is necessary to complete the transactions; (b) to verify the existence and condition of your account for a third party (such as a credit bureau) as is permitted by law; (c) to comply with any court order or applicable laws or regulations; or (d) when you give us your written permission.

3.      The Credit Union does not and will not sell or provide personal information to third parties for independent use. We may, however, share personal information with our Credit Union affiliates if that information is required to provide a product or service you have requested.


We do not share the nonpublic personal information of our current or previous members and nonmember customers with affiliates or nonaffiliated third parties except as required by law.

In order to prevent unauthorized access to your information, we maintain security standards and procedures that conform with industry practices. These security standards and procedures are routinely tested to verify the integrity of our systems.


Accuracy of Personal Information

1.      The Credit Union intends to exercise reasonable procedures in order to assume the accuracy of our records and your personal information. Inaccurate information, when brought to our attention, will be corrected as promptly as possible. If you have any questions regarding the accuracy of your personal information, please contact a Credit Union representative. We will investigate your issue and update your records as needed.

2.      We request that you keep your personal information as current as possible so that you may get the maximum benefit from the Credit Union. In particular, please make sure that you inform us of any address, phone number or e-mail address change so that we may keep our records updated.



Protection of Personal Information

1. Protecting your privacy is an ongoing process. The Credit Union uses multiple levels of security. We will continue to review the measures we take to safeguard your personal information. These reviews will result in new measures to protect member records, as the Credit Union makes changes to its information security practices and other internal control systems to take advantage of new technology.


How Is That Information Protected?

Access to your personally identifiable financial information is limited to employees and Credit Union officials with a specific business reason for utilizing this data. Our employees are educated about the importance of maintaining confidentiality and member privacy. If necessary, we take appropriate disciplinary steps to enforce our employees’ responsibility to protect your very personal information.

All privacy procedures also include the safeguard of your personal information in regards to our on-line services.

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